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Igaguri Chiba Fanproject


With my girlfriend, I'll be present at Chiba's live (Sendai Kamotsu) at Tokyo on July 20th. So we decided to make an international fanproject to show him how many fans like him all around the world.

It will be a fanbook with your messages, your drawings and your photos for Chiba!

Concerning photos, you have to take yourself with a placard on wich it's written "We love you Chiba".
Feel free to find a funny situation and to customize your placard as you want.^^

You can as well send us drawings and customized messages.

We accept several contributions by person (for exemple : 1 message + 1 drawing or 1 picture only or 1 message + 1 drawing + 1 picture etc...)

You can send us everything by mail or at our postal adress (please ask it by PM) not later than June 30th. (we need time to finalise fanbook)

If you have questions, please ask us. We will be happy to answer to you.^^
We hope to receive a lot of pictures/drawings/messages for Chiba!

You can follow this project on facebook too at this adress :

Thank you very much!!

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