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Handwritten Interview of Nightmare UP at MJP

 Handwritten Interview of Nightmare UP!!!
Hey! We just updated the handwritten interview with Nightmare!!
Check it out right now!!

Click here to read the article!

On August 29th Nightmare will perform live at Nippon Budokan! Before that, YOMI dropped by to have a chat with us!
For this interview he wrote about his thoughts and memorable incidents of their long concert tour!
We found out he is a terrific calligrapher!

We also asked him to write down how he’s getting ready for the live performance at Nippon Budokan!
It will be their second time to play at Nippon Budokan. What do they have in store for us?
musicJAPANplus will be providing a full live report! Stay tuned!

But first things first, check out YOMI’s excitement for the concert!
Take note of his many signatures! 

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