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They are busy boys.
On September 5th, they're going to do a performance of their new material somewhere in Tokyo. They're not saying. XD I wonder if it's gonna be like a U2 thing where they play on a rooftop or something. XDDD

A new album is coming out on 10.28, the same day as one of the new DVDs, Zekkomon... the album is called... uh, well, I'm going to call it Tetris~Deco~ for now, cuz the name of it is like one of those little t-shaped tetris blocks followed by "~deco~". I dunno how we're supposed to pronounce it. ^^;;;

As for shows, they only list the two (Sendai and, uhm, Budokan), so i'm afraid that's all they're going to do for the new album. ;_; But they're so busy with the upcoming Nightmare tenth anniversary crap that I am not surprised.

But yay for gay news. :3
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